Talking about a two-year old game that only got success years later is truly a peculiar situation. Yet here we are discussing a certain two year old and honestly very simplistic game overtaking the top monthly downloads and streams like it was nothing. It is said that when creating games, there is a certain recipe that developers follow in order to ensure success. When Among Us was released, there was something missing in the formula; hence, its lack of initial success. What makes things different two years ago versus today are some circumstances which set up the game for success in 2020. There are definitely many things that influenced Among Us’ popularity this year and it includes internal and external reasons.

• Familiarity – The game rules of Among Us is not some exclusive and unique idea. among us free of identifying impostors within a group has actually been done before, both in video game format and in an physical setting. The first social deducation game which Among Us is probably heavily inspired on is Mafia. It has been around since the 1980s and is honestly one of the coolest game ideas ever. The familiarity and relative simplicity of Among Us makes it an accessible game that is easy to understand and easy to get into. Also, because of its easy game play, Among Us draws in casual gamers and novices.

• Ease of Play and Access – One of the great things about Among Us is that it is a cross platform game. Co-players who are playing Among Us in different platforms would still be able to play the game with each other. Not only that, the system requirements of the game are incredibly low. Pair this with the simplicity of the game, with some matches lasting only 10 minutes, and you have a solid recipe for a beginner friendly game under a good concept.

• Current Conditions – COVID-19 has badly affected everything and everyone in the world. Small businesses and people’s mental health are only some of the recurring issues that are being talked about. One of the industries that thrived, on the other hand, are video games probably because of the simple reason that people are often at home. Following this fact, Among Us is obviously one of the games that thrived due the pandemic. Among Us is something that anyone can enjoy at home and it easily diverts their minds to something more positive. It is not exhausting to play and is honestly an easy distraction for anyone who needs a break.

how can i download among us on pc of all, Among Us’ biggest publicity is through the generation of memes and the streams from famous Youtubers and Twitch gamers. Because of the funny and light-hearted memes, which are somewhat familiar, a number of gamers have wanted to join in on the inside jokes. Truth be told, without this online movement, Among Us would not have been as popular as it is now.